Micathermic Heaters

A good heater has the ability to keep one warm and cozy in the coldest days of the winter. It gives off a homey feeling when it is on. The only thing is to find the best micathermic heater for your house which can provide warmth to all the residents of the house.  There are so many types of heaters in the market these days like radiant heaters, infrared heaters, panel heaters, electric heaters, fan heaters etc. so it can be difficult to decide that which is the best and which heater fits your needs taking into consideration the durability, running cost and economical aspects. Nowadays, Micathermic heaters are considered as the best type of heaters. Not only these are energy efficient but they heat vast areas sufficiently and quickly, the best part is that they are home friendly thus they are safe to use. These heaters are efficient as these are convection heaters which mean that these create convection currents which help to heat larger areas. These are also radiant heaters which mean it spreads heat through rays making the heater heat faster. These types of heaters are covered with sheets of mica which is why these are called Micathermic. There are many Micathermic heaters so I will share with you 3 fast running in the market

  • De’Longhi Mica Thermic Panel Heater

This model is extremely handy as it comes with casters which makes it portable and allows you to transport it from room to room. Not only that but it also comes with tools to help you impend it on a wall. This heater comes with 2 types of heating settings. It also has many safety settings to minimize chances of any hazards. So overall this heater is perfect if you have kids around and is perfect for a home.

  • Soleus HM5-15-30 Air

This model has a very slim body making it look classy and giving it an expensive feel in a room. It also has special sensors which can stop the heater from heating if it falls on the floor. It saves energy and is very handy as it comes with wheels to move it around, furthermore, It also minimizes chance of burning while touching it as it remains cool from the surface. This is one of the most popular Micathermic heaters.

  • Turbro Arcade’ HR1015 Micathermic Flat-Pane

This is a very silent heater as it does not make sounds while heating. It also comes with four wheels and a grip to move it around. It has safety settings as well making It user friendly. Honestly there isn’t a reason not to buy this heater as it is very efficient and easy to use.

These were my top picks for a Micathermic heater. As you can see a good Micathermic heater has the following characteristics to standout from the rest

  • Wheels and grips to help to move around
  • Safety settings to prevent any accidents, hazards and disasters
  • Efficient use of energy
  • High quality 
  • Stylistic design to make it look visually presentable
  • Diverse settings for heating