Why lubrication on AR15?

During last year’s summer vacation, I and my dad went to a shooting complex where I learned to shoot for the first time. Once we reached there the complex provided us with 2 guns, as I started to fire my gun at the scoring board I could feel that the gun wasn’t smooth and was hard to use and as I looked to my left my dad was easily firing his gun aiming at the bulls eye, at first I thought it was due to his better skills but once I requested the exchange of the guns, I could clearly see that there was something wrong with the previous gun as the exchanged gun was working smoothly, then my father explained me the concept of lubricating and cleaning the gun as it turned out that the previous gun wasn’t been lubricated over a long period of time which was the reason it got hard to use it and the flow was not smooth. Afterwards, as I researched it turned out there are many benefits of lubrication in general but it is difficult to find a good high quality lube which is convenient and lasts long, therefore, I am providing you a detailed description of best 2 lubricants for AR15 and for more detail you can visit this website https://cleangunguide.com/best-lube-for-ar15-reviews

Grizzly Grease Non-Toxic CLP

This is a great lubricant but it is not just a lubricant it is also a cleaning agent which means you won’t have to separately purchase a cleaning agent for your gun which would save you time, energy and most importantly money which usually is the case with many lubes. Grizzly Grease Non-Toxic CLP is also biodegradable making this nontoxic and safe to use for the environment as it does not pollute and decomposes fully making this a safe product environmentally. Similarly it is also safe for you to use as the company made sure that the lube doesn’t have harmful chemicals or ingredients making it a safe product, in fact, it is so safe that you can even use it without gloves making this perfect to those with sensitive skin. It does its main job of minimizing friction effectively that may cause wear and tear; it also cleans and removes dirt inside the AR1. One more unique quality of this lubricant is that it can work in different temperatures too making it a very convenient lube, speaking of convenience this lube is also very light on your pocket as it not overly priced as compared to some other lubes in the market.

Prom 070-1453 M-Pro 7

This lube is produce by Hoppe which is a renowned company and makes high quality and highly effective lubes with reasonable price range. This lube was specifically designed and created for military guns and rifles; therefore, this would be a great choice for AR15 but its versatility doesn’t stop there as it can lubricate many different types of guns like pistols, revolvers, gunshots etc. This lube can be applied on different materials and objects like knives and plastic which makes them immune to corrosion and wear and tear.